Foster Process

Welcome to fostering for Lab Rescue OK, Inc. While all of our volunteers are extremely valuable members of our group, we could not rescue any Labs without our foster parents.

  1. To become an approved foster home, fill out the foster home application form: Click Here
  2. After approved please sign our Foster Waiver Liability Form: Click Here
  3. Once approved and waiver form is signed and received; we will ask you if you are available to foster a dog and we will give you as many details as possible about the dog.
  4. We provide food,crate, all flea/tick and heartworm preventatives and all medical attention.
  5. If you choose to foster the dog, 99% of the time you will pick up your foster dog from the vet clinic along with your foster dog’s tag and collar.
  6. Take your new foster dog home; practice proper introductions to animals, people, and your home environment.
  7. After dogs are publicly posted for adoption, you will start receiving only approved adoption applications via email.
  8. We will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed with the adoption process and coach you through your first few adoptions. We are always here to help!
  9. Once the dog’s new home is chosen and the transfer of ownership takes place, you may notify us about when are available to foster again.