Surrender Process

  1. We DO NOT ACCEPT surrenders of STRAY DOGS. This information is only for surrendering a dog that legally belongs to you. Stray dogs must be, by state law and city ordinances, rightfully relinquished to a local city/county shelter, in order that their owners can find them. We have a relationship with most shelters in the state. They often contact us for placement if the owner of the dog doesn't step forward.
  2. We DO NOT ACCEPT dogs that exhibit aggression toward people or other dogs.

If the above conditions DO NOT apply to your situation, you may fill out our owner surrender application by clicking the link below:

Click Here

You will also need to send quality pictures of the dog, with a front and side view (at a minimum) to our email address at Please include in the email subject line: your last name and your dog’s name. We WILL NOT review a surrender form that does not have any photos to accompany it.

After review of your application, we will contact you within 10 business days via email or phone to let you know whether or not we will consider your dog for our program.

Before we accept your dog into the program, your dog will be evaluated by a Lab Rescue OK, Inc. volunteer, which may require you to drive your dog to a specific meeting point or we may arrange to come to your home for evaluation.

Once your dog has been evaluated and it passes our temperament/evaluation requirements, we will then ask that you provide to us proof that your dog is current on its vaccinations: Rabies, DA2PP and bordatella.  As well as proof that the dog has had a current heartworm test performed by your vet, bearing a negative result.

After the dog is evaluated, the appropriate vetting requirements have been satisfied and the dog has accepted into our program, we will require you to sign an electronic owner surrender agreement form which will legally make your dog the property of Lab Rescue OK, Inc. It is our fiduciary responsibility to protect the new owners from any claim(s) by past owners.

Additionally, we request a $150.00 donation from owners giving up their dog. Although this donation is not mandatory, it will help us pay for vetting and all expenses that are incurred to Lab Rescue OK, Inc. during the dog’s stay with us.

NOTE:  We are a “foster home only” based rescue, which means space for dogs being considered for the program is extremely limited. We give priority to pure Labrador Retrievers at risk of euthanasia in area kill shelters. And in the case that we do take in an owner surrendered dog, pure Labrador Retrievers are given priority over lab mixes.

For questions not covered here, send us an email with your question to