Owner Surrender Resources


We know that life happens, and we are all faced with difficult decisions, surrendering a family pet is one of them.

We hope the following resources can help you keep your family pet as it is severely stressful for the pet that will become disoriented, continue searching for their family, develop separation anxiety, fear, or worse, completely shut down.


Primarily, we are a Labrador Retriever Breed Specific Rescue, or a mainly Labrador Mix Rescue. We are not able to take the following:

  • Dogs that attack other dogs or cats.
  • Dogs that are aggressive to, or attack humans.
  • Dogs that are aggressive resource guarders.
  • Strays that have not been given enough time to find their owners, a few helpful suggestions are:
    • Call your local shelter to see if the owner has called reporting a missing pet.
    • Take the dog to the nearest veterinarian to see if the dog has been microchipped.
    • Look at apps such as Nextdoor that post missing pets.
    • Facebook lost and found groups.
    • Instagram.
    • Flyers around the neighborhood and at local veterinarian.
  • As stated above, mixed breeds other than mostly labrador. We are a breed specific rescue that must adhere to this for our followers and our donors.


  1. Moving and Housing issues. We understand that life catches us by surprise sometimes.
    1. There are many places that allow dogs. Local animal shelters and Humane Societies, such as Oklahoma Alliance for Animals may help in aiding to find a pet friendly home.
    2. Some rental places have payment options for the pet deposit if it is too large to pay all at once.
    3. Some rental listing websites have a pet filter that can aid in finding a home. Zillow.com, Trulia.com and even Craigslist have those options.
    4. Sometime simply talking to the property owner and letting them know of your situation can help secure the place.
  2. No longer have time for the pet. Sometimes the most creative ways can keep your family pet occupied physically and mentally. Hopefully, these ideas will suffice until you are able to make more time for your pet.
    1. Remember, any time you can give to your pet is heaven to them.
    2. If you are able, Doggie Day Cares are an amazing way to keep your pet active and some have extended hours in case you have to be away late.
    3. Even the shortest of walks can help their senses and well-being.
    4. Have a neighbor or family member come over for walks and play time. There are even apps like Rover that have dedicated people for this.
    5. Look into activities dogs can do by themselves, such as Nylabones, Kong dog toys, treat dispenser balls, Babble Ball etc.
    6. A fun interaction while you are away could also be a Furbo dog camera that allows for two-way interaction, and some even shoot treats.
    7. A behavioral Specialist (See Below) can even help with fun ideas.
  3. Behavioral Issues. All, even some of the most aggressive issues, can be alleviated through behavioral training. Even an initial visit with a behavioral specialist can set you on the right path. Sometimes even veterinarian prescribed medications can be a world of difference.
    1. Escape artists can be some of the most perplexing, and stressful problems. Behavioral specialists can help with this, or other resources are installation of a coyote roller Keep Pets in and Predators Out. #1 Non-lethal Pet Protection System! (coyoteroller.com) on top of a fence, hot wire fencing, E-Collars and secure gates, and repair fencing.
    2. Sensitivity to fireworks, thunderstorms, and loud noises. Once again, a behavioral specialist can help. Other helpful things are:
      1. Anti-anxiety medications prescribed by your veterinarian.
      2. Simple Benadryl that can be researched online for correct dosage.
      3. Turn up the volume on the TV or radio, even white noise can help.
      4. Thunder shirts or jackets to help calm them down.
      5. There are even doggy earmuffs available on Amazon.
    3. Rover.com has excellent training tips as well.
    4. Here is a list of Behavioral Specialists that we have worked with over the years that have helped with basic manners, obedience, separation anxiety, excessive barking, high energy/ hyperactive, mouthy, resource guarding, dominant behavior, and house training.
      1. All Things Canine - tulsadogbehavior.com
      2. Woodland University | Dog Training in Tulsa, OK | Dog Trainer
      3. TorchLight K9
      4. Spirit Ranch Professional Dog Training (tulsak-9training.com)
      5. Home | K9 Manners & More (k9-manners.com)
  4. Medical Reasons. There are a variety of medical reasons from simple vetting, spay/ neutering and financial. Hopefully the following resources can give insight and help.
    1. Financial help can be secured with several credit agencies such as CareCredit, Scratchpay and even GoodRX for medications that are human-animal compatible.
    2. Sometimes even veterinarian clinics have resources they use or even have payment options if you ask.
    3. There are a vast number of Spay/ Neuter Clinics around the state that can help alter your pet.
      1. Spay & Neuter Clinic | Oklahoma Humane Society (okhumane.org)
      2. Fix OK - Oklahoma Animal Alliance (animalallianceok.org)
      3. Spay and Neuter | St. Francis ARC (stfrancisarc.org)
    4. Sometimes your pet is faced with what seems catastrophic to you, but to them is a minor inconvenience. Some dogs with eating disorders simply need a raised bowl or even a cute sitting platform. Dogs that have been hit, shot or in an animal attack that required amputation are some of the happiest doggies. Lab Rescue has had several and they are some of the first adopted.
  5. Human Reasons. These can be some of the toughest and hardest to overcome.
    1. Sometimes sadly a dog owner must go into hospice care. Depending upon the level of care needed, there are a few options that allow pets to go with their owners.
    2. Having a baby. This is where a behavioral specialist, as mentioned above, would be invaluable, even for the most seasoned dog owners. They can help in the transition for all members of the family, even your pet.
    3. Sudden allergies to a dog can be a barrier to dog companionship. However, as some of our Lab Rescue fosters have found out, there are allergy specialists that can help with this and even pinpoint the needed steps to help keep your dog.
    4. Probably the hardest is the death of the dog’s owner. Other than immediate family members, neighbors and friends, the options for keeping the dog are limited. Hopefully the dog has had interactions with them and is able to go with them. If we cannot take them, rehoming and courtesy posts on Facebook can help.
  6. Too many pets. Sometimes people can have too many pets and simply must relinquish one or more of their pets. This could be due to ordinances, unexpected litter or even abandoned animals. Some of the best ways are:
    1. Reaching out on the Nextdoor App.
    2. Rehoming, Rehoming Your Pet – Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com (adoptapet.com) -See warning below.
    3. Facebook courtesy posts.
    4. But beware and of most importance, be very wary and please do due diligence. Suggest a rehoming fee and research the potential adopter. Oklahoma has a severe problem with dog fighting, whereby they acquire free dogs to be bait dogs. Oklahoma also has a problem with pet flippers that acquire free dogs and then resell

We hope these resources allow you to keep your pet and allow them to have a long life with you and your family. If for some reason you are not able to keep your pet and our guidelines do not allow them to come into our system, below is a list of other rescues and societies that can help. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (918-742-3700)

Tulsa SPCA (918-428-7722)

Humane Society of Tulsa (918-495-3647)

Animal Aid of Tulsa (918-794-6688)

Puppy Haven Rescue (918-550-1515)

Skiatook Paws & Claws (918-578-9175)

Legacy of Hope OK (918-280-9589)

ARF Animal Rescue Foundation of Oklahoma (918-622-5962)

Sapulpa Furry Friends (918-777-0991)

Mercy Sakes 2nd chance Dogs (918-849-4545) (918-815-6154)

Pyr Paws N Fluffy Tails Rescue

Oklahoma Pet Collective Society

Helpless Hounds

BARC Rescue Oklahoma

ORCA Foundation-OK rehab care for animals

Memphis Street Animal Rescue/ Oklahomapaws.com

Pause for Paws (918-829-9811) For pet owners impacted by homelessness, mental illness, addiction that need animal care during treatment

Partnering for Pets (918-998-7388)

Oklahoma Ruff Refuge/ Okruff.com

Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts

Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven (918-371-1009)

Route 66 Pet Rescue

Double D Delightful Dog Rescue (918-510-2976)

Pitiful Pups (918-284-2474) Tiny dogs, seniors and special needs

Bixby Animal Rescue Network (918-409-2083)

Paws in Need Tulsa

Okie Pet Rescue

All Paws Rescue (405-757-4604)

Safe Haven Animal Rescue (405-463-1556)